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Advice from a Pan-Am Hurdler
Diabetes does not have to change anything you do in life; you may just have to re-adjust how you go about certain things. There may be a lot of information being thrown at you all at once, however it is all very manageable. Try tackling each adjustment one step at a time, not everything at once. You can still do everything in life that you want to do, just have to have a game plan on how to do certain things. In the long term being a diabetic has forced me to learn important tools that I have been able to apply to different aspects of my life. - Gregory MacNeill, Professional Hurdler
Fabio De Rango: Managing Hypoglycemia
Fabio is an experienced Pharmacist. Watch him explain the impacts of hypoglycemia and provide some strategies to help prevent it.
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Established in 2016 through the acquisition of Bayer Diabetes Care by Panasonic Healthcare Holdings, Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global company dedicated to improving the health and lives of people with diabetes. Already including the world-renowned CONTOUR® range of blood glucose monitoring systems, we are committed to adding more innovative and life-changing products to our portfolio.
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ContourCare is a FREE customer support program designed exclusively for CONTOUR® meter users. The program is intended to help you get the most out of CONTOUR® diabetes products and services so that you can better manage your diabetes.
Insulin was administered for the first time ever in January 1922
A 14-year old boy from Toronto, Canada was the first person to receive an insulin injection. Leonard Thompson quickly regained his strength and appetite after his injection which lead to further testing on other volunteers. One brave kid getting one brave shot, that helped kickstart research and advocacy for years to come. Source: https://www.nobelprize.org/educational/medicine/insulin/discovery-insulin.html
Eleven million Canadians are living with diabetes or pre diabetes.